Martin Garcia

Waste Away

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Waste Away is an educational game that teaches players about what happens in each of different phases of the water treatment process. The player learns this information by controlling a contaminated water droplet and moving it through the different phases.

Each phase is split into different levels. Starting from the sink and being transported to the Lift Station, then getting separated by the Classifier, being dissolved by the Aeration Basin, and lastly being disinfected by U.V Treatment.

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Waste Away – Trailer



Programmer, Level Designer,

Game Designer, Voice-over Artist,

3D Modeler


May, 2019

Waste Away was designed and developed for WSSC as a project for Building Game Worlds: Level Design, Mods, and Quality Assurance, a class at Montgomery College. The game was developed over the course of four months, and the game engine used was Unity.